Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-9:00   Unavailable (Class Prep)   Unavailable (Class Prep)  
  Zoom Drop-in Hour
10:30-11:00     10:00-11:00
  Math 401: Zoom Drop-in Hour Math 401:  
11:30-12:00   Senior Sem 11:00-11:50am Senior Sem  
  11:00-12:20pm   11:00-12:20pm  
12:00-12:30   (some weeks)   (some weeks)  
Zoom Drop-in Hour        
12:30-1:00 12:00-1:00pm Unavailable (Class Prep)   Unavailable (Class Prep) Often Unavailable
1:00-1:30     (meetings)
1:30-2:00     12:30-2
  Math 141:   Math 141:
2:30-3:00   Intro Stats   Intro Stats Often
  2:00-3:20pm   2:00-3:20pm
3:00-3:30         Unavailable
        (more meetings)
3:30-4:00 Department Zoom Drop-in Time    
3:30-3:45   Zoom Drop-in Hour  
4:00-4:30 Meetings  & Committee    3:30-4:0pm  
4:30-5:00 Seminars Meeting      
4:30-5:30   4:00-5:30pm    
As implied by the name, no appointment is necessary for my Zoom drop-in hours  just click on the link! I might limit them to 3 people at a time, so occasionally there may be a wait.
If you can't make any drop-in hours, contact me and we'll find a mutually agreeable appointment time