Problem Sets for Calculus 1
    Fall 2010, Math 101

    September, 2010

    Be sure to check back often, because assignments may change!
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    Due Wednesday 9/8 - postponed to Friday 9/10 - at 8am: Available through WeBWork; the four assessments are at the bottom of the list, below the regular assigngments.

    Note: The purpose of the assessments is to determine what, if anything, you may need to review in the first couple of weeks to help you get the most out of the course. To that end, these problems should be done completely on your own, without talking to anyone. Your first attempt at each one should be done by 8am Wednesday morning; if there are any that you do not pass, I have some links on my OnCourse page under Additional Material that you may find useful; also, you can bring a print-out of the version you attempted to me or to the tutors to discuss, and then you can take another version ...however many times you need to, as long as they are finally passed by September 17. Every attempt should be done on your own, however.

    Also note: Each assessment does have a time limit; for the longer ones, it's 30 minutes, for the shorter ones, 10-15 minutes.

    WW 1 and PS 1

    WW 1, due Wednesday 9/8: Available through WeBWork

    PS 1, due Thursday 9/9: Individual Assignment

    Section 0.1: 60, 76
    Section 0.2: 4
    Section 0.3: 14, 36
    For #36, use technology if you like to graph the given function, then use what you know about inverse functions to sketch the inverse.
    Section 0.4: 20, 56

    Note: Most of this should be review, although some of it may appear in different form from what you're used to.

    WW 2 and PS 2

    WW 2, due Wednesday 9/15: Available through WeBWork

    PS 2, due Thursday 9/16: Group Assignment

    Section 0.5: 24
    Section 0.6: 4, 8, 30
    Section 1.1: 2
    Section 1.2: 6, 30, 32

    WW 3 and PS 3

    WW 3, due Wednesday 9/22: Available through WeBWork

    PS 3, due Thursday 9/23: Individual Assignment

    Section 1.3: 10, 34, 72                   Remember to pay attention to directions (even when they're on the previous page); sometimes they have hints.
    Section 1.4: 6, 10, 26, 42
    Section 1.5: 58, 62

    WW 4 and PS 4

    WW 4, due Wednesday 9/29: Available through WeBWork

    PS 4, due Thursday 9/30: Group Assignment

    Section 2.1: 8
    Section 2.2: 14, 22, 24
    Section 2.3: 26

    That's it for September's assignments.
    Go to the problem sets for October!

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