Description of Homework
    Math 101: Calculus 1; Fall, 2015

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    Mastering Calculus consists mainly of mastering ideas, not just the mastering of techniques and skills. That being said, there are skills that must be mastered with each new topic, in order to put the ideas to full use. Thus your homework each week will consist of both some problems practicing the new techniques and some problems emphasizing the concepts and putting ideas together.

    Naturally, this means a substantial amount of homework (but no more than most of you will have had in high school math courses). It is also really important that you practice writing up well-written solutions to problems -- but doing that for upwards of 25-50 problems every week can be a bit much.

    In order to achieve a balance of drilling techniques, introductory conceptual problems, and deeper conceptual problems while also balancing the need for practice writing math with the need for instant feedback, your homework will be divided into two types of assignments: brief daily assignments addressing some basics of the section(s) just covered, and weekly problem sets.

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