Reading Assignments for Calculus I
    Fall 1999, Math 101


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    Last modified: September 14, 1999

    Due Friday 9/10 at 9am

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    suggestions for reading a math text
    guidelines for submitting reading assignments

    Section 1.1: Functions, Calculus Style

    E-mail Subject Line: Math 101 Your Name 9/10

    Reading questions:

    1. Give an example of a function that is defined by words, without an explicit formula.
    2. Using the function m(x) in Example 4, what is m(-2)?
    3. Is the balloon in Example 5 rising or falling at t=3 minutes?
    4. Is the upward velocity positive or negative at t=3 minutes?


    Please Note:

    Due Monday 9/13 at 9am

    Guidelines for Homework Presentation

    Section 1.2: Graphs

    E-mail Subject Line: Math 101 Your Name 9/13

    Reading questions:

    1. Explain why the graph of x2+y2=1 (seen in Example 1) can not be the graph of a function.
    2. Exactly how far above the x-axis is the curve shown in Example 2 at x=3?
    3. In Example 3, the authors say that f(1) is approximately -6, but that we'd need more information to know whether f(1)=-6 exactly. What kind of information could tell us whether f(1)=-6?
    4. How does the graph of f(x)+2 compare with the graph of f(x)? The graph of 2f(x) compare to f(x)? (Here f is some random function).


    Due Wednesday 9/15 at 9am

    Re-read: Suggestions for Reading a Math Book

    Section 1.3: Machine Graphics

    Section 1.4:

    E-mail Subject Line: Math 101 Your Name 9/15

    Reading questions:

    1. Calculate h(.5), where h is the third of the five examples.
    2. Let g(t)= the world's human population t years C.E. Give the domain and range of g.
    3. Find the domain and range of m(x)=x2.
    4. How can you recognize a periodic function from its graph?


    Due Friday 9/17 at 9am

    re-read: course policies ( make sure all is clear & you're comfortable)
    re-read: Guidelines for Submitting Reading Assignments
    Section 1.5 A Field Guide to Elementary Functions

    E-mail Subject Line: Math 101 Your Name 9/17

    Reading questions:

    1. What is the domain of the rational function x2/(x2-1) in Example 3? What is the relationship between the domain and the asymptotes?
    2. Is ey an exponential function? How about (Pi)x? Why or why not?
    3. If you were shown the graph of a monotonically increasing function, what would you look for to decide whether it could be an exponential function, or to eliminate that possibility?
    4. What logarithm function corresponds to the exponential function 3x?


    Due Monday 9/20 at 9am

    Section 1.5 A Field Guide to Elementary Functions (continued)

    E-mail Subject Line: Math 101 Your Name 9/20

    Reading questions:

    1. Can sin(x)=2 for some value of x? Why or why not? What are the domain and range of sin(x)?
    2. Explain, in more detail than the book does, why sine and cosine are each 2 Pi periodic.
    3. Evaluate sin2(38)+cos2(38) without a calculator.


    Due Wednesday 9/22 at 9am

    Section 1.6: New Functions from Old

    E-mail Subject Line: Math 101 Your Name 9/22

    Reading questions:

    1. Using f and g in Example 2, what is (g o f)(2)?
    2. Let f(x)=x3 and g(x)=sin(x).
      • What is (f o g)(x)?
      • What is (g o f )(x)?


    Due Friday 9/24 at 9am

    Project 1: Read before lab Thursday
    No reading assignment from text for Friday! Enjoy

    Oops! Yes there is!

    Read through the Guide to Writing in Mathematics Classes<\u> that I hand out in lab Thursday. Note:

    Here ends Chapter 1
    Go to Chapter 2!

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