Reading Assignments for Calculus 1
    Spring 2001, Math 101

    January 2001

    Be sure to check back often, because assignments may change!
    Last modified: 1/9/01

    I'll use Maple syntax for mathematical notation on this page.
    All section and page numbers refer to sections from Ostebee/Zorn, Vol 1.

    Due Wednesday 1/31, at 8am

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    Section 1.1: Functions, Calculus Style
    Section 1.2: Graphs
    Appendix A: Real Numbers and the Coordinate Plane

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    Reading questions:

    1. Using the function m(x) defined in Example 4 on page 4, what is m(-4) exactly? Did you figure this out using the graph or the piecewise definition? Explain why you chose the method you did.
    2. Consider the hot-air balloon whose altitude graph is shown in Example 5 on page 5. Is the balloon rising or falling at t = 3 minutes? Is the upward velocity positive or negative at t = 3 minutes?
    3. In Example 2 on page 14, exactly how far above the x - axis is the curve when x=3?
    4. In Example 3 on pages 14 and 15, the authors say that f (1) is approximately - 6, but that we'd need more information to know whether f (1) = - 6 exactly. What kind of information would tell us whether f (1) = -6?


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