In class work done in Calculus 1
    Spring 2004, Math 101

    January and February, 2004

    (Last modified: Monday, March 1, 2004, 9:04 PM )

    1/28/04: Relationship between Altitude and Upward Velocity
    1/30/04: Extrema, Concavity, Shifting Graphs
    2/2/04: Altitude and Upward Velocity graphs
    2/4/04: More on Position and Velocity graphs
    2/6/04: Using Derivatives to Approximate
    2/9/04: The Geometry of the Derivative
    2/11/04: The Geometry of Higher Order Derivatives
    2/12/04: Solutions to First In-Class Problem
    2/16/04: Differentiating, Antidifferentiating, and checking your results by looking at graphs
    Solutions to In Class Problems
    2/18/04: Limits and Continuity
    Solutions to In Class Problems
    (Probably easiest to read if you have the problems open in a separate file next to
    the solutions, so you can look at the graph while reading the solutions.)
    2/23/04: Using Derivatives and Antiderivatives
    Solutions to In Class Problems
    2/27/04: Introducton to Differential Equations
    Solutions to In Class Problems

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