In class work done in Calculus 2
    Fall 2013, Math 104

    September, 2013

    ( )

    8/28/13Review: approximating area using rectangular sums
    8/29/13Review: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Antidifferentiation, Signed Area, and the Area Between 2 Curves
    8/30/13Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Antidifferentiating by guessing and checking
    9/4/13Integration by Substitution; revisiting integrals from Friday, using substitution rather than guessing
    9/5/13Integration by Parts
    9/6/13Challenging Integration by Parts Problems; Choosing Substitution vs Integration By Parts
    9/9/13Approximating Integrals using Sums (including review of sigma notation and left, right, midpoint and trapezoidal sums)
    9/11/13Approximating Integrals using Sums -- Beginning to think about error bounds
    9/12/13Approximating Integrals using Sums -- Finding Error Bounds, in some cases
    9/13/13Error Bounds on Midpoint and Trapezoidal sums (in some cases); Intro to Volume
    Maple file (To download, right or control click on file, save file to your desk top. Then open in Maple.)
    9/16/13Using integration to find Volume - Disks
    9/18/13Using integration to find Volume - Washers
    9/19/13Using integration to find Arclength
    9/20/13Improper Integrals - integrals over unbounded intervals
    9/23/13Improper Integrals - integrals over unbounded intervals; discontinuous integrands
    9/27/13Improper Integrals - discontinuous integrands; the comparison test
    9/30/13Comparison Test; L'Hopital's Rule

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