Reading Assignments for Calculus 2
    Spring 2000 Math 104


    Be sure to check back often, because assignments may change!
    Last modified: April 13, 2000

    Due Monday 5/1 at 8am

    11.5: Power Series

    Reading Questions:

    1. Find the radius and interval of convergence of the power series

    Due Wednesday 5/3 at 8am

    11.6: Power Series as Functions

    E-mail Subject Line: Math 104 Your Name 5/3

    Reading Questions:

    1. Give two good reasons for writing a known function ( such as cos(x) ) as a power series.


    Semester's End Reminders

    The rest of the semester will be spent on material outside the book and on review.

    Here ends the reading for the Semester!
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