In class work done in Calculus 2
    Spring 2003, Math 104

    January and February, 2003

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    January 28: Maple demo if my zip disk doesn't work.

    January 29: In-Class work if we have time

    January 31: In-Class work Practice with Substitution

    February 4: In-Class work Practice with Approximating Sums

    February 5: In-Class work Approximating sums with error bounds

    February 7:

    February 10: February14: In-Class work Arclength

    February17: In-Class work Approximating Volume

    February18: In-Class work Fun with Arclength and Volume

    February19: In-Class work More Fun with Volume

    February21: In-Class work Integration by Parts

    February26: In-Class work More Integration by Parts

    February28: In-Class work Still More Integration

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