Guidelines for Solutions to Problem Sets
    Math 141: Intro Statistics; Fall, 2019

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    Weekly problem sets are a critical part of this course: mastering Statistics requires getting plenty of practice choosing what needs to be done, doing it, and then clearly explaining what your results mean.

    I am a firm believer that one of the best ways of building your understanding is to explore the ideas with other students. I therefore encourage you to discuss the problem sets with other students.

    For collaboration to be effective,

    With that in mind, here are some specific guidelines:

    Please get support if you need it! A lot goes on in class, and it would be surprising if you understood everything the first time around.

    Everyone learns differently; in office hours, I can tailor my explanations to you (or at least, to a smaller group).

    There will also be peer tutors ready and willing to help in the Filene Center -- this is a great place to go for another perspective, to see (in some cases) non-math majors model how they learned Stats, or to get help with a step or two on your homework.

    If you find yourself asking for help with every question, or needing 10 minutes of attention at a time, then you will be much better off coming to office hours.

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