In class work done in Calculus 2
    Fall 2005, Math 104

    September, 2005

    (Last modified: Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 10:03 AM )

    9/2/05: Review Differentiation, Antidifferentiation, Integration
    Solutions to today's in-class work
    9/9/05:Practice Substitution
    9/12/05:Introduction to Approximating Sums
    9/14/05:Approximating Sums, Sigma Notation, and Error
    9/15/05:Solutions to Yesterday's, plus practice using Theorem 6.1
    9/16/05:Finding error bounds when approximating integrals.
    9/19/05:More on Finding error bounds when approximating integrals.
    9/26/05:Volume with playdough
    9/28/05:Volume by Revolution

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