In class work done in Calculus 2
    Spring 2012, Math 104

    January and February

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    1/25/12Left, Right, and Midpoint sums
    1/26/12Logging in to WeBWorK; Practicing with Maple, while reviewing a little Calc
    1/27/12Reviewing Antidifferentiation and the FTC
    1/30/12Inverse Trig Functions and Their Derivatives
    2/1/12Reviewing Integration by Substitution
    2/2/12Sigma Notation and Approximating Sums
    2/3/12More on Approximating Sums: Motivating Error Bounds
    2/6/12Approximating Sums: Bounding the Error
    2/8/12Intro to Area Between 2 Curves
    2/9/12Practicing with Area and Arclength
    2/10/12Motivating Arclength Formula
    2/13/12Volume: Disks and Washers
    2/15/12Volume: Shells
    2/16/12Volume: Shells
    2/17/12Volume: Washers and Shells
    2/20/12Reviewing Integration
    2/24/12Integration by Parts
    2/27/12More on Integration by Parts; Choosing Which Integration Method to Use

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