In class work done in Calculus 1
    Fall'10, Math 101

    September, 2010

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    9/2/10: Intro to WeBWorK
    9/3/10: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    9/8/10: Building Block Functions, New Functions from Old, Group Work
    9/9/10: Practice with exponents, exponential functions, compositions, and shifts; Estimating average rate of change
    9/10/10: Estimating instantaneous rate of change with average rates of change; Estimating slope of a tangent line with slopes of secant lines
    9/13/10: More on Limits
    9/15/10: Using the Limit Rules
    9/16/10: Still More on Limits
    9/17/10: Continuity, the Intermediate Value Theorem
    9/20/10: Limits Involving Infinity
    9/22/10: Intro to Rates of Change and Tangent Lines
    Maple file to display:Download by right- or control-clicking, then open in Maple.
    9/23/10: Working with the slope of the tangent line, graphing the slope of the tangent line
    9/24/10: Intro to Derivatives; Summarizing What We've Found
    9/27/10: The Power Rule; Verifying graphically that one function is the derivative of another;
    9/29/10: Illustrating why we need a product and a quotient rule; Where the product rule comes from

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