In class work done in Calculus 2
    Fall 2007, Math 104

    November, 2007

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    11/1/07Intro to sequences
    11/2/07Geometric Series and the nth term test
    11/5/07Figuring out the convergence/divergence of a few useful series
    11/7/07Practice with series, I
    11/8/07Approximating Series
    11/14/07Approximating Series with the Integral Test
    11/15/07Approximating Series with the Ratio Test; Choosing which test to use
    11/16/07The alternating harmonic series (maple file - right click to download)
    Determining absolute convergence, conditional convergence, or divergence
    11/19/07More on alternating series: upper and lower bounds; approximating.
    11/26/07What can happen if you rearrange the alternating harmonic series (maple file - right click to download)
    Introduction to power series
    11/30/07More on power series
    12/3/07 Still more on power series
    12/5/07 Finding and using Taylor Series
    12/6/07 More on using Taylor Series

    Differential Equations: In class displays and work

    11/26/07Introduction to Laplace Transforms
    Maple file -right click to download
    11/28/07More on Laplace Transforms
    Solutions to In Class Work
    Maple file -right click to download

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